New menu

May 2020 - To lighten the menu and have only the important information at hand, the changelog, settings, help center and logout button are now available from the icon at the bottom of the menu! But if you're there, you probably found it :)

Reply signature

April 2020 - On Outlook/Office 365 (and soon on G Suite), you can delete in your answer signatures: the banner, the disclaimer, the polite formula. All this from the Settings module!

Page preferences

April 2020 - Settings page is now divided in 2 blocks: the account settings and the preferences of each administrator, you can find this page from "My settings".

Filter users

April 2020 - User module has an additional drop-down menu to filter users by groups and subsidiaries.

New tree structure

April 2020 - In the organization module, groups and subsidiaries have a new and clearer organization: this allows a better visualization of the tree structure of our companies!

Salesflare connector

April 2020 - You can now connect your Salesflare CRM to Signitic so that your Business Developers can find their signatures on your CRM!

New user fields

February 2020 - We have just added new fields for your users, disabled by default: Linkedin, Github & Calendly user attributes.

New block in the editor: CTA

February 2020 - You can now find a new block named "Call to action" to the editor, which will allow you to add clickable blocks in HTML format in your signature, such as "Make an appointment", "Discover our new website" and "Check out our new website".

Compatible with Apple Mail

February 2020 - As of today, the plugin that was only compatible with Outlook is now compatible with Apple Mail. This update also allows compatibility with the new macOS Catalina version.

Resize your users' photos

January 2020 - In order to have profile pictures with a shape corresponding to your signature, you now have the possibility to resize profile photos.

New dashboard

December 2020 - A new dashboard with all your information is now online! Do not hesitate to write to us to tell us what information you would like to see on it!

Salesforce & Pardot connector

November 2020 - You can now connect Salesforce and Pardot to Signitic so that your Business Developers can find their signatures on your CRM/marketing tool!

Salesforce & Pardot connector

October 2019 - In order to adapt to the demands of big groups, Signitic proposes to add other users to administer the platform with you.

Campaign Priorities

September 2019 - A new feature is now present in the campaign module: priority. This last one is used to avoid the need to stop/resume campaigns when you wish to put one forward for a determined period of time.