Signitic recently passed the final exam and is now officially part of the Google Cloud Partners family. It is also the first French signature management tool to be on the list... Not bad, right?

What does it mean to be listed as Google Cloud Partners?

Google Cloud Partners is a network of partners, experts in the digital field referenced on the same platform: the Google marketplace.

Each chosen solution/service is scrutinised: an evaluation that certifies our skills and gives us the trust of Google.

What are the advantages?

Teaming up with Google Cloud also means having access at all times to resources, tools, techniques and continuous improvement.

It is also a network of partners of excellence, specialised in providing technical know-how and the necessary experience to increase competence.

A guarantee of reliability

For our customers it is a guarantee of quality and reliability granted by Google. Proof that we meet all the requirements for a solution in line with the ambitions of a network of experts in the field.

At Signitic we evolve according to our customers' requests and feedback. Our goal is to offer a solution that is constantly adapted to the expectations of our users in a simple, fast and efficient way!

Would you like to know more about the platform? Go to or find us on our Linkedin page!